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Line Dry



installation on PXSTL site: Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Washington University Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts


Line Dry is a participatory story-sharing installation. In a single sentence, participants wrote the most pivotal line of a story or experience from their lives. Excerpts were strung on triangular cut-outs and secured to the PXSTL sculpture site. 


After contributing, visitors were encouraged to peruse the offerings as they fluttered in the wind, imagining where the stories could have gone from these pivotal moments, and what might have happened before.

Line Dry allowed members of the community to tell crucial moments of a memory or story in an anonymous way. This format allowed for the participant’s words and emotions to be free-form. The project presented an opportunity for viewers and writers learn from one another, and for participants to connect in their collective abilities to be vulnerable, to emote, to feel deeply, and to participate as an act of solidarity.

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