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“To me, that’s also so important about what we do. The fact that I love you just because you’re a human being, and that is all– is powerful. I don’t think people think about it or feel that. We try to remind people that at least we, as Improv Anywhere, we’re doing this because we love St. Louis, we love St. Louisans. We don’t care who you are, we don’t care what your background is, we don’t need to know anything. We just need to know that you exist. And we’ll celebrate that. We’ll celebrate that we’re all just living in the city together.”

Media Features and Thought Leadership


"One Woman's Quest to Invigorate St. Louis: Mallory Nezam of STL Improv Anywhere", The STL Curator

"Women Who Inspire: Mallory Nezam", Gazelle Magazine (Feature Story)

"Innovation in the Arts: Art Doesn't Always Come With a Ticket Stub", PBS Nine Network StayTuned

"TEDxGatewayArch presents BOUNCE! Speaker Mallory Nezam" TEDx Gateway Arch

"Improvising for a Better St. Louis", Next City

"Creative Unrest", Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis

"Art and Place", Critical Mass for the Visual Arts

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