Non-Fiction / Research:

  • Arts, Culture and Transportation: A creative placemaking field scan, Transportation for America and ArtPlace America (2017). Transportation for America. This field scan is a rigorous national examination of creative placemaking in the transportation planning process. Released by Transportation for America in partnership with ArtPlace America, this resource identifies ways that transportation professionals can integrate artists to deliver transportation projects more smoothly, improve safety, and build community support.The research explores seven of the most pressing challenges facing the transportation sector today, identifies how arts and culture contribute to solutions, and offers case studies from diverse community contexts.

  • FORWARD, Forecast Public Art. FORWARD, a digital publication and conversation series from Forecast, highlights how artists are partnering with cities, institutions, and communities to courageously tackle the vital issues of our time. It focuses on how cities, communities, organizations, and others can benefit from partnering with and hiring artists to help meet the essential needs of communities.

  • Arts & Planning Toolkit, Metropolitan Area Planning Council (ongoing). The Arts and Planning Toolkit offers an array of tools and strategies to help planners advance arts and culture as both a catalyst for and an essential component of community development. It provides resources for planners and other government staff who are interested in innovating their planning and community development work through projects and partnerships that engage arts, culture, and the creative community. The Toolkit presents a menu of strategies grounded in case studies of real projects that are exemplary of how arts and culture can be an effective component of planning, community development, land use, housing, transportation, economic development, public health, and public safety projects and initiatives.

  • A New Tool to Advance Equity: Artists in Residence in Government, the The International City/County Management Association's journal. This pieces introduces new research findings by our CAIR Lab team around artists-in-residence-in-government and the possibilities of advancing racial equity in cities. 

  • Artists in the Swap: Can Artists Embedded in Government Help Achieve Racial Equity?, Harvard University, 2019. Masters thesis research paper. This paper investigates the recent phenomenon of artists embedding in government through residencies and asks if artists in these positions have played a role in advancing racial equity in cities. Racial equity is an issue of high priority to many cities, yet it has proven a challenging change to implement. This study seeks to answer that question through a deeper understand of what skills and sensibilities artists bring into traditional government environments, as well as highlight two case studies (City Artist, Minneapolis, MN and MAPC’s Artist-in-Residence program) to better understand how cities might integrate artists to move the needle on racial equity. Through interviews and observation of these program, the report concludes with a set of findings and recommendations that emphasize the importance of internal anti-racism work inside of agencies as the primary success story and most valuable impact artists-in-residence
    can have. The expected impact of deepening the agency’s engagement tactics is also important but does not affect the same kind of sustainable change that internal agency racial equity work can.

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