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City-wide Public Programs

Since 2010, I have brought large city-wide public programs to St. Louis, aimed at disarming participants, connect strangers, and allowing for creativity, play and expression in public spaces.

No Pants Metrolink Ride


2011 - 2017

Upon moving back to St. Louis in mid-2010, I was preoccupied with the lack of public transit, and how I thought this contributed to a splintered, isolated and disconnected population. One way I addressed this was to bring a huge international event that was playful, connected strangers, and celebrated transit, in order to draw people in to using the Metrolink (St. Louis' lightrail system). I brought St. Louis The No Pants Metrolink Ride, which was started in New York by Improv Everywhere. The event draws 200+ people, a large turnout on St. Louis soil. Participants make new friends, and riders laugh. It's simple, but cathartic -- like a big hug to our lightrail.


Because I value the work the Metrolink does, I work with the Metrolink authorities to ensure compliance.



International Pillow Fight Day


2011 - present

This a playful international event that I brought to the public spaces of St. Louis, is awesomely all-ages and inclusive. I brought this event to St. Louis to activate the potential of public spaces and create opportunities for St. Louisans to create memories with new people. The pillow fight encourages participants to let their literal and figurative guard down, and is a flurry of pure sweaty bliss for the young and old. At our event, we announce challenges throughout the event, to encourage participants to get creative, and explore the more expressive side of pillow-fighting.

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