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STL Improv Anywhere

Founder and Director


2010 - present


"Grazing side by side is not living together"

STL STyLe Models
No Pants Metrolink Ride
Open Streets
Black Market Art Vendors
Stranger Love, Valentines Day
Pillow Fight Day
New Art in the Neighborhood (CAMSTL)
A Bowl of Nuts (STLIA band)
Earth Day
Sock Puppet Wrestling at CAMSTL
Built Festival, Chicago
City-wide Hopscotch


STL Improv Anywhere seeks to reintroduce spontaneity and creativity into the everyday by bringing interactive guerrilla performance art to public spaces throughout St. Louis. STL IA encourages citizens to engage more meaningfully with each other and with the shared spaces of their city. Our work invites audience members to become active participants, not merely spectators. We host city-wide events that get people thinking differently, interacting with each other and pushing the boundaries of city-making.


When “performing,” STL IA blurs the line between reality and performance: Am I actually getting arrested? Is that person’s mustache real? In this way, we blend life and art. It is hard to tell when your ‘regular day’ ended and your magical one began. By blurring these lines and placing art in the context of the everyday, we hope to suggest that there is in fact no difference between the mundane and the magical, that the city is special and that its inhabitants are capable of making it interesting.


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